All About Mia

The Every Model Mentality

Mia is a model defining the lines between being authentically oneself and keeping to the ever restrictive lines of the modeling world. She is not high fashion sized, but it won’t stop her from pursuing high fashion work while maintaining a healthy weight for herself. Her body is not flawless; she has skin conditions and stretch marks that she refuses to be restrained or defined by. 

Through modeling, she aims to make everyone that feel they can embrace their body and truly learn self-love while also chasing after the career of their dreams. In a world focused on normalcy, she thrives on being multifaceted and embracing what makes her unique and fighting against what’s expected for fashion, modeling, and art. Emoting, knowing your body and how to pose with it, getting out of your comfort zone, THAT is what makes a great model. All that’s left is passion and perseverance, which she has in spades.

More Than a Pretty Face

Outside of modeling Mia also acts and is an amateur seamstress. She conducts interviews for Project-Nerd, assist both Vera Glass Imagery and Glam by Phy Beauty & Bridal, and is a huge nerd. Quick facts are that she enjoys reading, dancing, swimming and getting lost in music. She loves life and fighting to get to where she deserves to be. In a work environment she likes to describe herself as the comforting professional.