All About Mia

The Every Model Mentality

In her own words: “I like to say I am a model who lives between being authentically myself and pushing the ever restrictive lines of the modeling world. I pursue high fashion, runway, commercial, and artistic work while proudly showcasing that my body is, in fact, not flawless. “

“Through modeling, my aim is to help everyone embrace their body and learn self-love while also chasing after their dreams. In a world focused on the next “new normal”, I thrive on being multifaceted and illustrating what makes and keeps me unique: emoting, knowing my body, how to pose effortlessly, and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Those traits are what I think makes a great model. All that’s left is passion and perseverance, which I know I have in spades.”

Life of a Nerd

“Outside of modeling I also am an amateur seamstress and cosplayer. I conduct interviews for and travel to different Comic Cons and film festivals! It’s one of my favorite parts of working for the site. I am also part of a podcast called High Five: The Podcast. Myself along with my co-hosts J and Cortney, we go over the top 5 of any topic relating to the entertainment industry with a focus on film! Episodes come out biweekly and I promise it’s a good time!”